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East Marion  Historic District

The East Marion Main Road Historic District presents a picture of how East Marion’s history developed. It follows the sole east-west road, the original King’s Highway, now known as SR25, or Main Road, which remains the only link between Greenport to the west and Orient to the east. As you drive along the road, you can see the whole history of the area embodied in the houses that are preserved. The Historic District includes buildings built between 1757 and 1953. The oldest houses in the district are simple post and beam dwellings built close to the road. They are interspersed with Greek or Classic Revival early 19th century homes, ornate Italianate sea captains’ houses set further back, as well as early 20th century cottages and catalog homes. The district departs briefly from main road to include several Classic Revival and Italianate homes on Bay Avenue. Toward the easternmost end of the district several large estate homes were built in the late 19th and early 20th century on lots that extend from Main Road to the Long Island Sound or to the Orient Harbor.

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