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Helicopter Routes over the Orient East Marion Causeway and What You Can Do

Wherever the helicopters and seaplanes fly there will be widespread noise pollution, air and water pollution, diminished quality of life, lower property values, and safety risk for residents.


Orient and East Marion residents can do two things. First email Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand and Congressman LaLota and ask them why the North Fork should be treated as “flyover country” and get stuck with all the negatives associated with helicopters and seaplanes. The North Fork must work to get as many of these aircraft as possible flying over the Atlantic to Hamptons airports.


Secondly take notes on the time and direction of when aircraft fly over and log daily complaints by phone or email.You can call and list the all flights at the end of each day and send an e-mail to with the list.  It is crucial that we work with friends and neighbors to log as many complaints as possible and it is equally important that complaints come from as many distinct households as possible

How can I get the aircraft tail number and altitude information for submission? Use FREE to monitor live aircraft. .

Helicopter Contacts

Please contact the following representatives to let them know how helicopter noise affects your quality of life and what they plan to do about it.

  • Congressman Nick LaLota 631-289-1097 ask for

  • Senator Chuck Schumer 631-753-0978 ask for Kyle

  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand 631-249-2825 ask for Deborah

  • East Hampton/Plane Noise Complaint Line 800-376-4817​


East Hampton/Plane Noise Complaint Line 800-376-4817 /

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